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What’s in a Name?
The Central Cloud of Witnesses

As our Shawnee campus nears completion of the most recent renovation and expansion, we are blessed to have a great cloud of witnesses who have agreed to honor Central’s work by having their names placed on parts of our campus.

The Baugh family wanted to celebrate Central’s forward-thinking strategies how Central seeks to follow God’s Spirit.


Dianne Shumaker affirmed her relationship with Central as “what God wants” and saw adding her name to the Shumaker library as contributing to the greater good of which Central is a part, as well as seeing it as a special joy since she loves books and has an extensive library of her own.


Now is the time to join the Central “cloud of witnesses.” Both current gifts and legacy gifts can make a naming opportunity possible. This is your time. Will you join the Central “cloud of witnesses”?


Sarju Jackson, Central M.Div. Student

Does the educational journey at Central really matter? If you were to ask Sarju Jackson, a Central student from Liberia, the answer would be a very strong – YES. At Central, Sarju, has been able to grow in his awareness of God’s great care for all of God’s children. Here is what Sarju has to say about his interfaith journey:

Central does make a difference in the lives of our students. Will you help make this wonderful, life-changing experience available to more students like Sarju? We need faithful friends like you to help us make these opportunities available to more students. Help us today by giving.  Click here.

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