Scholarships and Financial Assistance

Central Seminary is committed to providing an accessible and affordable education.  We are intentional about keeping our costs low for students.  Despite our efforts, many students could not continue their enrollment in seminary without financial aid.  The gift of financial assistance can make the difference in achieving educational goals.

It is important to plan ahead!

The seminary does allow students to make payments toward their tuition bill.  Balances must be paid off before a student is allowed to register for next semester.


Tuition & Fees

The current costs for students are:

$360* per credit hour (Diploma and Master’s level)
$475* per credit hour (Doctoral level)

$250* per semester (Diploma and Master’s level)
$300* per semester (Doctoral level)

Books (est.)
$100 per class (Diploma and Master’s)
$150 per class (Doctoral)

*Based on 2015-2016 costs.  Tuition and fees are subject to change.

A full-time student can expect to need at least $4000 to cover tuition, fees, books, and miscellaneous costs in a semester.

To meet these costs, the main types of aid for which students can apply are:

  1. Scholarships or grants through the seminary
  2. Scholarships or grants from outside organizations
  3. Federal Direct Loan Program
  4. Tuition Assistance for Veterans and Active Military Personnel

cholarships or Grants through the Seminary

Each year, students can apply for financial assistance through the seminary.  Typically, the application is made in the spring time with financial aid decisions being shared with students soon after the academic year.  Only students that have completed the seminary scholarship form will be eligible to receive financial aid from the school.

The seminary offers financial assistance in the form of denominational scholarships, endowed scholarships and need-based grants.

Denominational scholarships are available to students who are members of a church in the Central Region of the American Baptist Churches or the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship.  Students who are members of these denominations will need to inform the school of their denominational affiliation to ensure they receive the necessary paperwork.

Endowed scholarships are funds provided by donors specifically for student aid.  Typically, an endowed scholarship has specific criteria that each recipient must meet.  Completing the seminary scholarship form will match students with endowed scholarships.

Need-based scholarships are available for a limited number of students that demonstrate extreme financial stress.  The seminary scholarship form asks each student to outline their income and expenses, and provide a copy of their latest filed tax form.

Scholarships or Grants from Outside Organizations

There are many organizations that provide aid to seminarians.  Students should always check with their church and denomination about available resources.  Students will also want to consider any organizations in which they and other family members participate as well as tuition assistance through work places.  One good place to check is with your local Order of the Eastern Star chapter, as they provide scholarships specifically for persons seeking religious leadership education.

Kansas Eastern Star Chapter Scholarship, click here
Missouri Eastern Star Chapter Scholarship, click here

Federal Direct Loan Program

The seminary participates in the Federal Direct Loan program.  Students wishing to apply for federal loans will need to complete the online Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) at  Our school code is G01907.

When the online application is complete, the Business office will be in contact about the next steps.


NOTICE: If you have been unable to solve a problem with your federal student loan, you can ask the Federal Student Aid Ombudsman Group for help.  Click here to contact the Ombudsman.

All students receiving federal loans will need to complete the online entrance and exit counseling.  The web links to access the counseling are. Click here to access your required loan counseling.

A copy of the Policy & Procedure Manual for the Direct Loan Program is available for viewing in the office of Financial Services (Business Office) located on the first floor of the Shawnee campus.

Veterans and Active Military Personnel

The seminary has served the educational needs of many veterans and active military personnel over the years.  For veterans, the seminary has an account with the VA-ONCE database to submit enrollment certifications.  For active military personnel, the seminary will work with each branch of the military to submit tuition assistance and reimbursement claims.

It is best to check with your branch of the military to ensure that the seminary is on their list of approved schools.

Each veteran and active military service member will need to submit to the school a copy of their written documentation approving the receipt of tuition benefits.

Consumer Information

General Consumer Information (pdf)

National Center for Education Statistics (campus demographics)

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