Master of Arts (Theological Studies)

Homo religiosus (the religious human) is the individual who is curious about and seeks to know more on the theological and religious issues of today. If you are this type of person and open to new ideas and perspectives, Central’s 36-hour Master of Arts (Theological Studies) degree provides a path for exploration and engagement. In a world where theological and religious perspectives matter on both the local and global level, a MA(TS) provides a foundation for discernment, thoughtful navigation, and engagement on critical issues.

The goals of the MA(TS) are for an individual, who has an undergraduate bachelor’s degree, to gain masters level knowledge in general theological studies and to provide skills for professional research and communication. In the process of achieving these goals, the MA(TS) allows for a student to focus his or her studies upon a particular emphasis. Two specific emphases are available: (1) Biblical Studies and (2) Peacemaking/Reconciliation. In both of these emphases, a student selects three electives of three hours each for a total of nine hours. The culmination of the MA(TS) is a either a Capstone Project or a Thesis.

The MATS program incorporates some of the latest technologies related to pedagogy and can be completed in two years in a totally computer-mediated format.


The goal of the Master of Arts (Theological Studies) is for professional research or personal educational enhancement.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Acquisition of general knowledge in the field of theological studies
  2. Critical reasoning, research and writing skills
  3. Creation of a Thesis or a Capstone Project


36-hour MATS Program Outline

Year One

Ordinary Term

IN501              Biblical Interpretation (3 hours)

FMM501         Foundations for Seminary Studies (1 hours—6 weeks)

MA511            Dynamics of Theological Thinking (2 hours—6 weeks)

Lent Term

HB501            Hebrew Bible I (3 hours)

NT501            New Testament I (3 hours)

Easter Term

CH501            Christian Heritage I (3 hours)

TH501            Constructive Theology I (3 hours)


Year Two

Ordinary Term

ET501            Christian Ethics (3 hours)

MA521           Research Skills [Preparation for Capstone/Thesis] (3 hours)

Lent Term

ELECTIVE ONE (3 hours)

ELECTIVE TWO (3 hours)

Easter Term


MA506           Capstone Project (3 credits)


MA507           Thesis   (3 hours)