Trinitarian Soundings

God’s Inclusive Call

The early chapters of Acts tell the story of what it means to live in the power of the resurrection. People hear the good news in their own language; afflicted persons receive… Read more »

Grace and Works

We have a saying at Central, especially this time of year as students scurry to get final papers and projects completed. The saying is: “Salvation is by grace; graduation is by works.”… Read more »

Shoots of Faith

  I attended the Judson Memorial Baptist Church in Minneapolis, MN, on Sunday, and met a most remarkable congregation. Known for its community development and generous welcome to all, this American Baptist… Read more »

Love’s Redeeming Work

Brass, lilies, baptisms, and alleluias suffused Easter worship in my home church, Prairie Baptist. Even a late March snow could not dampen the joy of gathering for Resurrection Sunday. We sang our… Read more »

Empowering Women

  Over the past week the first cohort of the Women’s Leadership Initiative has visited sites where strong women are empowering other women to change their lives. It has not been an… Read more »

Crossing Borders

Thailand and Myanmar share a long border, extending down the peninsula. They also share a history of finding ways to cope with the droves of people who have been pushed over the… Read more »

The Power of Resurrection

I know we are still in the midst of Lent; however, our lectionary texts are already turning us toward the end of Jesus’ life and the hope of resurrection. In the Epistle… Read more »

Global Neighbors

One of the New Testament’s profound questions was: “Who is my neighbor?” I think it is the critical question in a time of burgeoning globalization and religious conflict. Neighborliness seems an outdated concept in… Read more »

Seeking God

As we approach the Third Sunday in Lent, we find the biblical texts urging us to seek God. Isaiah 55 invites people of all nations to find the nourishment and mercy they… Read more »

Facing Temptation

Lent is the season of facing ourselves. For centuries the church has looked to this time as an opportunity for spiritual renewal and cleansing through spiritual practices. It is a time to… Read more »