Trinitarian Soundings

Creativity and Entrepreneurial Leadership

We live with an eschatological sense that we are not “finished,” and that God is inviting us to craft the future as divine partners. Indeed, God is calling upon our creativity to give shape to the realization of God’s own reign.

A Monday Lament

The news of our nation’s largest mass shooting seared the air waves all of yesterday, The Lord’s Day. Who has sufficient words to describe this tragedy? I turn to Psalm 42: My… Read more »

Mea Maxima Culpa (My Most Grievous Fault)

Recently a professor at Princeton wrote about his professional disappointments and went so far as to publish a “cv of failures.” He bravely posted degree programs he did not get into and… Read more »

Called through God’s Grace

The season after Pentecost is the time for the church to consider its identity and mission. Even more important, the church needs a clear-eyed understanding of the source of its very life,… Read more »

The Doxology of Trinity

We seem to sing it better than we conceptualize it. We can muster a hearty rendering of “Holy, Holy, Holy,” probably pondering more about the “early in the morning” wording than the… Read more »

You Call From Tomorrow

Pentecost is ever more prominent in Baptist churches, for which I give thanks. With flaming colors and simulations of wind, sanctuaries pronounce the coming of the Spirit in power—not only fifty days… Read more »

Where is Jesus?

I had the opportunity to teach Sunday School on Ascension Sunday in my Jubilee Class at Prairie Baptist, where they manage to keep me on the roll despite my frequent absences! The… Read more »

Following an Alternate Script

Where will the next generation of ministers come from? I spend a great deal of time thinking about the future of the church, theological schools, and Christian identity. This constellation is relationally… Read more »

The Paschal Rhythms of Ministry

On a recent road trip through southern Kansas, I witnessed a spring rite, the burning of the prairie.  The billowing smoke and red glow of distant fires are quite the vista—and a… Read more »

God’s Inclusive Call

The early chapters of Acts tell the story of what it means to live in the power of the resurrection. People hear the good news in their own language; afflicted persons receive… Read more »