Trinitarian Soundings

Pointing Beyond Oneself

Visual representations of John the Baptist often have him pointing to Christ. Artists have enjoyed extending his bony forefinger, and there is no question who commands the center of attention. Albeit the… Read more »

Desperate for a Future with Hope

  Daily we see the agony of parents and children streaming out of Syria, risking all for a better future. Europe is distressed as various countries try to accommodate the overwhelming influx… Read more »

Who Needs a King?

Sunday we complete the cycle of the Christian year, and set our focus toward Advent. This is a Sunday we sometimes skip, but it prepares us for the neglected part of the… Read more »

A Seminary Can Throw a Party!

  The board of trustees, faculty, staff, and friends of the seminary threw quite the party this past Thursday evening. (I will not mind missing my funeral quite so much after hearing… Read more »

Saints Among Us

  I had the privilege of presenting Ministry Studies Certificates to 30 Karen in Portland, OR, yesterday afternoon. These learners have completed 14 courses in Bible, church administration, conflict transformation, and congregational… Read more »

Death is Behind Them

Death remains a great mystery for humans, and we want to know more about what transpires on the “other side.” As my friend Babs Baugh says, “I just wish I could get… Read more »

Refugees in Our Midst

  There are too many people in the world—7 billion—for the resources available, especially since some of us live with little regard for others. There are too many places where war threatens… Read more »

Regaining Sight

The last event in Mark 10 is the healing of Bartimaeus, a blind beggar. Learning that Jesus of Nazareth was passing by, he began to shout and beg for mercy. He was… Read more »

Re-Imagining Theological Education

  Twenty-four seminaries and ministry organizations came together in Chicago this past weekend for the purpose of sharing the ways in which we are innovating. Leaders of theological schools know that we… Read more »

Admitting Our Weakness

In this time of political bombast, few will admit any weakness. Most want to burnish their electability by trumpeting unparalleled accomplishment. Candidates quickly pounce on the perceived vulnerability of a competitor, arguing… Read more »