Trinitarian Soundings

Global Neighbors

One of the New Testament’s profound questions was: “Who is my neighbor?” I think it is the critical question in a time of burgeoning globalization and religious conflict. Neighborliness seems an outdated concept in… Read more »

Seeking God

As we approach the Third Sunday in Lent, we find the biblical texts urging us to seek God. Isaiah 55 invites people of all nations to find the nourishment and mercy they… Read more »

Facing Temptation

Lent is the season of facing ourselves. For centuries the church has looked to this time as an opportunity for spiritual renewal and cleansing through spiritual practices. It is a time to… Read more »

Letting Go of Indifference

In a couple of days Christians around the world will receive charred palm-leaf smudges on their foreheads accompanied by the words, “Remember that you are dust, and to dust you shall return.”… Read more »

Restless Hearts

“You have made us for yourself, O God, and our hearts are restless until at peace with you,” is the best known excerpt from St. Augustine’s Confessions. As a young man, he… Read more »

God Knows You

The human quest for self-knowledge is constant. Why else would people spend time playing whimsical games on social media for the slight chance they might understand themselves better? Do we really need… Read more »

Release to Poor Captives

Martin Luther King Day always brings to mind the unfinished agenda before us as a nation, as neighborhoods, and as individuals. We can claim some progress, but we are so far from… Read more »

Post-racial? Don’t think so

This past weekend kicked off the Martin Luther King, Jr. celebrations in the Kansas City metro area. As we review the tragic events of this past year, many involving lethal stand-offs between… Read more »

Bright Spots

The Auburn Center for the Study of Theological Education, a research arm of Auburn Seminary, invited representatives from select seminaries identified as “bright spots” to think about constructive trends in ministry preparation…. Read more »

On the Fourth Day of Christmas

When I decided to live more intentionally the rhythms of the Christian year, this season of Christmastide became much richer for me. As my friends at Conception Abbey put it, “We are… Read more »