Trinitarian Soundings

The Dignity of Meaningful Work

Labor Day, the first Monday in September, is the last hurrah of summer, time to watch the US Open Tennis, and the start of the final days of the presidential election. It… Read more »

The Changing Profile of Christian Leadership

Faculty retreat provides time to look ahead at what is next in theological education and what the seminary needs to do to prepare creative leaders for the church and community. During our… Read more »

Who is Welcome in Christ’s New Community?

The simple answer is everyone. I am returning from a groundbreaking conference on human sexuality that was held at our sister school in Yangon, Myanmar. Co-sponsored by Central and Myanmar Institute of… Read more »

Empowering Women for Ministry

Why would we launch a new Women’s Leadership Initiative cohort at a men’s Benedictine monastery? Does that not seem rather counter-intuitive? Praying for several days with a community whose doctrine expressly forbids… Read more »

How Do We Interpret the Present Time?

Preachers following the lectionary will find an unnerving Gospel text for next Sunday. Toward the end of Luke 12, Jesus unloads a scathing critique against the crowds who casually follow him, but… Read more »

Will Gender Equality Prevail?

Many of us are still sleep-deprived after two weeks of political conventions. Part pageantry, part spectacle, and part the inevitable chaos of democracy, these quadrennial gatherings summon our collective hopes and fears… Read more »

Finding a Secure Place

These are not easy days in our nation—and beyond. The onslaught of violence is hard to comprehend, and we cry out to the Lord. We want to find the balance between trust… Read more »

Deliver Us from Evil

Most Sundays we pray these words, but rarely do they sound the resonance we hear in these anarchic days. Evil seems unrelenting, incapable of exhausting its ravenous power. Who can withstand its… Read more »

The Journey of Forgiveness

Preachers had a daunting task yesterday as we sought to offer a word of lament, consolation, and hope after the carnage of recent weeks. Words are what we have to offer, although… Read more »

Who is the Samaritan?

The Gospel lesson for this coming Sunday is Luke’s story of the Good Samaritan, surely one of the most beloved and instructive narratives in all of Scripture. The richness of this text… Read more »