Trinitarian Soundings

Easter Morning

  Early in the morning, the women discovered the unthinkable—the tomb was empty! Whether aided by earthquake or angels, the stone had rolled away leaving open to view the crypt where they… Read more »

Holy Saturday

Sabbath dawns, and the Gospels are silent about whether Jesus made his way to paradise, as promised on the cross. We, along with early Christian writers, ponder the question of what transpired… Read more »

Good Friday

  Condemned, humiliated, tortured, and forsaken, Jesus plumbs the depths of human suffering and death.  Within God’s own life, there is grief beyond measure as Jesus cries out to the one he… Read more »

Holy Thursday

  Jesus shares the final meal with his disciples. Soon he will be arrested, and those who oppose him will dictate his remaining hours, except for his response. The new commandment he… Read more »

From Strangers to Neighbors: The Story of Bethel Neighborhood Center

I attended one of the most joyful celebrations ever on Saturday.  Bethel Neighborhood Center hosted a groundbreaking for their 2.2 million dollar construction project.  Not only did they celebrate successfully completing their… Read more »

Holding on for Dear Life

The Gospel reading for the Fifth Sunday of Lent features the raising of Lazarus, which is the text I preached yesterday at First Baptist Church, Abilene, Texas. The story of Lazarus has… Read more »

Light from the East

  As a teaching president (sometimes too much), I have the privilege of learning the beauty of distinctive expressions of Christian faith represented among the varied cultures at Central.  We are a… Read more »

A Culture of Helping

  After completing teaching at Myanmar Institute of Theology, I traveled north to Inle Lake in the southern Shan State.  This is new territory for me, and I greatly enjoyed learning a… Read more »

Ministry Colleagues and Friends

I arrived in Myanmar on Thursday, a day later than originally scheduled.  Evidently some exhausted parent disposed of a diaper in a way that rendered some of the lavatories of our plane… Read more »

Travel to Myanmar

  If it is March, it is time to head to Myanmar. Several faculty and students are making our way to our partner school in Yangon. There I will offer the Ecumenical… Read more »