Trinitarian Soundings

Time for Lament

              Many are anxious as a rending of the health care safety net is transpiring.  Decisions are underway that threaten to exclude a growing sector of… Read more »

Justified by Faith=Peace with God

Martin Luther is in the news these days as the whole church celebrates 500 years since the beginning of the Protestant Reformation.  Whether he actually nailed 95 theses on the door of… Read more »

Her Deeds Accompany Her

On Saturday I journeyed to Manhattan, KS, to participate in the Celebration of Life Service for Alice Lois Redman, a friend of so many, including Central.  Ms. Redman lived a remarkable life,… Read more »

Is Liturgy Only the Work of a Few?

  Yesterday on Pentecost, I attended church with a dear friend, and she inquired about how widespread the practice of following the Christian calendar is among Baptists.  Well, as you know, there… Read more »

Alive in the Heat of the Holy Spirit

In her classic spiritual writing The Interior Castle, Teresa of Avila says that the soul becomes “alive in the heat of the Holy Spirit.”  She likens the kindling of the soul to… Read more »

The Danger of Being Extremely Religious

  Paul’s conversation with the Athenians at the foot of the Areopagus is one of the most interesting and challenging scenes in all of Scripture.  He has worked his way through the… Read more »

Sent Forth, with Blessing

  Saturday dawned bright and crisp, perfect for outdoor pictures and an academic processional.  Graduation day is the joyful culmination of years of perseverance and sacrifice, for both the student and the… Read more »

Suffering Unjustly?

One of the lectionary readings for the Fourth Sunday of Easter was a passage in 1 Peter, most likely addressed to slaves.  It perpetuates “redemptive violence” as essential to the story of… Read more »

When Women Gather

  The only woman pastor in her community, the sole woman on the church staff, the first female faculty member in her seminary, the solo woman among the chaplains in her hospital… Read more »

A Steady Hand for Theological Schools

Theological educators from all over North American convened in Pittsburgh last evening to celebrate the good and faithful work of Daniel Aleshire.  He has led the Association of Theological Schools (one of… Read more »