Trinitarian Soundings

Raising Lazarus

The drama is heightening as the Gospel of John moves the narrative of Jesus’ confrontation with temple authorities closer to its climax.  The story of the raising of Lazarus sharpens the conflict… Read more »

Opening Eyes

I returned to Kansas City on Saturday after my lengthy sojourn in Myanmar. While it is wonderful to be home, I feel that I leave a little more of my heart there… Read more »

Enjoying Class

We have enjoyed a lively week in seminars, which will conclude tomorrow.  There are few things more challenging—and delightful—than teaching across language, culture, and tradition differences.  With good humor, doctoral students have… Read more »

Sharing in Mission

I got to visit my favorite Sunday School class yesterday—no, not the one at Prairie Baptist where I regularly (that might be debated) attend. I was at Third Baptist Church in St…. Read more »