Trinitarian Soundings

Loving God through Worship

The recent lectionary readings from Matthew narrate Jesus’ encounters with those who would “test” him.  Religious leaders want to know about competing claims; how does one live in the empire yet serve… Read more »

Opening the Heart for the City

As a child, New York City seemed to be “the uttermost parts of the world.” Textbook pictures of the Empire State Building, Times Square, Ellis Island, and the Statue of Liberty confirmed… Read more »

Welcoming a New Pastor

I was witness to a historic event yesterday as the Riverside Church in the City of New York installed Rev. Dr. Amy K. Butler as senior minister. She brings an extravagance of… Read more »

Straining Forward to What Lies Ahead

Recently I have been studying the history of Central as we prepare to launch a capital campaign. I am amazed at the resiliency of the school, and I am even more amazed… Read more »

Humbling Ourselves

Few passages in the New Testament rival the great Christ hymn of Philippians, which offers a three-stage Christology: pre-existence, incarnation, and exaltation. [Theologians just love this kind of symmetry!] In just a… Read more »

Embracing Immigrant Churches

Over the past several years, Central has given priority to global Christianity. We believe that as the Gospel takes root in varied cultural soils, the larger of Body of Christ grows more… Read more »

Forgiving, not Judging

The lectionary readings for the coming Sunday offer various perspectives on the hardest spiritual practice: forgiving rather than judging. Genesis 50:15-21 narrates the final scene between Joseph and the brothers who had… Read more »

Reflecting on Racism

I have been hesitant to write about the events in Ferguson, MO, over the past couple of weeks because of fear of insensitive or simplistic response to this human tragedy. I have… Read more »

Forming create Cohorts

Each fall new cohorts of create students gather at Conception Abbey for orientation to the program, times of prayer, shared meals, learning activities, and reflection. Benedictine hospitality welcomes us, and we get… Read more »

Finding Mary

Baptists, and Protestants in general, have not known what to do with the Catholic preoccupation with Mary. We just do not get the nuances of the Immaculate Conception (different from the virginal… Read more »