Trinitarian Soundings

Reflecting on Racism

I have been hesitant to write about the events in Ferguson, MO, over the past couple of weeks because of fear of insensitive or simplistic response to this human tragedy. I have… Read more »

Forming create Cohorts

Each fall new cohorts of create students gather at Conception Abbey for orientation to the program, times of prayer, shared meals, learning activities, and reflection. Benedictine hospitality welcomes us, and we get… Read more »

Finding Mary

Baptists, and Protestants in general, have not known what to do with the Catholic preoccupation with Mary. We just do not get the nuances of the Immaculate Conception (different from the virginal… Read more »

Expanding the Mission

The encounter of Jesus with the Canaanite woman has sparked a flurry of interpretations. Jesus does not seem to be at his compassionate best, as he ignores her entreaty for her daughter’s… Read more »

Multiplying Resources

            All four Gospels record the miracle of the loaves and fishes, no doubt because it appeals to the ever present human question, “is there really enough to go around?”  This coming… Read more »

Sighing with the Spirit

            In the weeks following Pentecost, the epistle readings in Romans have focused on what it means to live in the Spirit.  For three Sundays in a row, passages from chapter 8… Read more »

Praying for Ceasefire

  Images of devastation in Israel and Gaza are daily on our screens.  We grieve over lives lost or wounded, and we urgently pray for the parties in conflict to find peaceful… Read more »

Celebrating Judson Day

July 13, 1813, is the day the Judsons arrived in Burma, and many there continue to celebrate the day.  Because of the many resettled people from Burma (Myanmar) now present in the… Read more »

Finding Our Birthright

The Old Testament lesson for this coming Sunday is the tumultuous story of Esau and Jacob, the twins who struggled from birth. Favoritism and deceit figure prominently in the narrative, and the… Read more »

Resourcing Our Mission

             At two year intervals, seminary Presidents and Deans gather for the Association of Theological Schools biennium.  This year we met in Pittsburgh, a metropolis that has rebounded from a moribund… Read more »