Trinitarian Soundings

Transfiguring Identity

Transfiguration Sunday concludes the Season after the Epiphany, which is all about light—stunning, shimmering, flickering, blazing, sparkling, illuminating, and revealing. God’s light has broken into the world in the person of Jesus,… Read more »

Holy Land, Home, and Exile

Once again the American Jewish Committee and The Shalom Hartman Institute convened scholars of the Christian Leadership Initiative for a symposium. Alums of this program who have spent about 10 days as… Read more »

From Whom All Being Comes

After completing my work on a new educational initiative in Yangon, Myanmar, I traveled north to the ancient city of Bagan. Between the 11th and 13th centuries, kings and wealthy patrons constructed… Read more »

Navigating Difference

My colleague Julie Kilmer, theologian and ethicist, and I are in Myanmar for a consultation with Myanmar Institute of Theology. We are here under the auspices of the Arcus Foundation, which advocates… Read more »

Hungering for the Sacramental

Our week at the Abbey “filled the hungry with good things.” We return refreshed, with quieter hearts and a spirit of peace. We also return with new resolve to bring balance to… Read more »

Abbey Bound

Every other January learners from Central make their way to Conception Abbey, way up in the northwest corner of Missouri. It is not bleak mid-winter there, for hospitality and reflective worship will… Read more »

Crafting the Future with God

The time between Christmas and New Year’s is rich with opportunity for conversation, reflection, and activities that await this interlude. Sitting around tables longer than we usually do, washing dishes together, and… Read more »

Declaring God’s Glory Among the Nations

Amidst the bustle of last minute preparations, a hush begins to fall in the hearts of those longing for the Christ child. The hope and expectation of Advent now move toward the… Read more »

Singing Songs of Love

It is the music that makes Advent and Christmastide so memorable for me. Of course, I like the fragrance of candles, things baking in the kitchen (little of which I produce), and… Read more »

Weeping, Sowing, and Rejoicing

During this Advent season I am focusing on the Psalms that are selected to accompany the other seasonal readings of Year B. Psalm 126 is one of my favorites, for it has… Read more »