Trinitarian Soundings

In the Pathway of Totality

  It is rather hard to write with eclipse glasses on this morning.  I prefer to prepare early! Like many others, I have anticipated this day with a sense of foreboding and… Read more »

Is Unity Possible?

Violence erupted in a staid university town this weekend, and the symbolism of the white supremacists was startling.  A Nazi swastika alongside the Confederate “stars and bars” was a mash-up, to be… Read more »

God’s Provision of Renewal

  Many preachers took up the Isaiah 55 passage yesterday, proclaiming the abundant provision of God for all that sustains life.  The invitation is almost too good to be true! Not only… Read more »

Practicing Sabbath

            Trinitarian Soundings will fall silent for two weeks as I head to northern New Mexico for some time of renewal and writing.  I will be working… Read more »

Why So Much Beauty?

A recent trip to the barrier islands and a swamp of southern Georgia brought me face to face with some of God’s remarkable creatures.  Sea turtles, alligators, terrapins, turkey vultures, deer, raccoons,… Read more »

What Is Sown in the Heart

  The Gospel reading for this coming Sunday includes the parable of the sower.  Jesus speaks of varied responses to the word of the coming reign of God, and he warns how… Read more »

What Happens When Baptists Gather

Nearly a full week of Baptist meetings, first at CBF and then at ABC, prompt me to reflect on the significance of these gatherings.  Of course we eat too much, interrupt normal… Read more »

Time for Lament

              Many are anxious as a rending of the health care safety net is transpiring.  Decisions are underway that threaten to exclude a growing sector of… Read more »

Justified by Faith=Peace with God

Martin Luther is in the news these days as the whole church celebrates 500 years since the beginning of the Protestant Reformation.  Whether he actually nailed 95 theses on the door of… Read more »

Her Deeds Accompany Her

On Saturday I journeyed to Manhattan, KS, to participate in the Celebration of Life Service for Alice Lois Redman, a friend of so many, including Central.  Ms. Redman lived a remarkable life,… Read more »