Trinitarian Soundings

What God’s Family Looks Like

  First Baptist Turner has been a steady presence in Kansas City, Kansas, since 1857.  Founded on the frontier, it still sees itself as a frontier presence because of its willingness to… Read more »

Deborah and Complementarian Foolishness

Preachers often avoid lectionary texts from Judges as they are not sure what to do with stories of violence (Samson), testing God (Gideon), and an ill-conceived vow to the LORD (Jephthah), to… Read more »

Saints Among Us

Each of us is the result of numerous interactions with those who flow through our lives. We, like God, are constituted by relationships of self-giving, attentiveness, and receptivity.  Parents, siblings, grandparents, spouses,… Read more »

Are Baptists Still Reforming?

  Many churches around the globe celebrated the 500th anniversary of Martin Luther’s radical upheaval of medieval Catholicism.    What he set in motion on October 31, 1517, as he posted his 95… Read more »

We Care About Our City

    When Central moved from Kansas City, Kansas, which had been its home for 105 years, some critics (and faithful friends) thought this meant we were turning our back on urban… Read more »

Mission in Reverse

  I sometimes hear the words “mission in reverse” when persons describe the arrival of formerly evangelized people as missionaries to the sending nation. In many respects, this is the story of… Read more »

The Strength of a Pastor

  Yesterday was Clergy Appreciation Day, and many churches found ways to honor their pastors.  While this may be more a construction of Hallmark than the liturgical calendar, it is a fine… Read more »

Testing God

    The study of the Hebrew language did not come easily to me.  Perhaps it was because I waited until my final year of seminary to take it; perhaps it was… Read more »

Does Everything Really Happen for a Reason?

  Among some Christians you will often hear the aphorism: “Everything happens for a reason.”  Really?  How in the wake of hurricanes, internally displaced persons, floods, earthquakes, and shattered infrastructures does one… Read more »

Survivors’ Guilt

We hear quite a bit about survivors’ guilt these days.  A neighbor’s house has a tree through the roof, while yours was spared.  A soldier walks behind another; the one in the… Read more »