Central Scholars Reflect

Storytelling: Narrative Historical Theology Course Reflection

COURSE DESCRIPTION This course brings together three disciplines (theology, history, communication) to challenge and to train students for historical theological storytelling. The course examines narrative theology and the role of story in… Read more »

East meets West

Like the mountains in Myanmar, language differences there often feel insurmountable. English is a third or fourth language for persons with a primary tribal language, a specific sub-tribal dialect, and the country’s… Read more »

Hospitality to Refugees

Hospitality to strangers is an integral part of our faith tradition.  In Soul Feast, Marjorie Thompson states it was “a hallmark of virtue for ancient Jews and Christians” (2005, 127). The writer… Read more »

Truth and the Theological Learning Community in a “Post-Truth” Culture

Convocation Address, Spring 2017 by Dr. Robert Johson, Provost and Dean of the Seminary   The book 1177B.C.: The Year Civilization Collapsed, by Eric Cline,  professor of Anthropology at George Washington University,… Read more »

Just like with Paul, at the Academy of Preachers, my “us” grew

How was the Academy of Preachers National Convention 2017? I now have Facebook. For ten years, I have held out. I have given many legitimate reasons for not being on Facebook. And,… Read more »

“Wait…who is going to preach?”

In just a few weeks I will be participating in the Academy of Preachers’ National Festival of Young Preachers. Recently I was looking at the Festival of Preachers’ Facebook page and noticed… Read more »

Working the Land and Living the Gospel

How do you suggest to a group of preachers that they shouldn’t be preachers? And who better to pull it off than the farmer seminarian from Central who doesn’t want to be… Read more »

God loves us as we are

In August of 2013, I packed up everything I owned and moved (along with my dog and my cat) from Michigan to Kansas, where I had just been accepted as a seminary… Read more »

What is True Greatness?

Woke up at the ungodly hour of 4:15 this morning. Started reading Through the Eyes of a Lion. This is the new small group study for our church. I love his question:… Read more »

A Benedictine Spirituality Course Reflection

As I drove from my home in Bowling Green, Kentucky, to Nashville, Tennessee, to catch my plane, darkness surrounded me. My husband made coffee, filled my mug and sent me on my… Read more »