Coaching/Mentoring Prepare Students for Ministry

If coaching is a valuable tool for clergy growth and transition, which it is, why not utilize it for seminary students as well?  This was a question we asked as part of ongoing assessment of Central’s effectiveness in accomplishing our mission.  By incorporating coaching, and mentoring, into our academic programs, we hope students will experience the improved effectiveness that many clergy are discovering in good coaching relationships.

A three-year grant from American Baptist Churches USA has enabled Central to initiate two years of professional coaching for Doctor of Ministry students beginning in the second academic year of the program and seeing them through the challenges of the project/dissertation year.   Central has also integrated a mentoring-coaching component into the DMin curriculum in order for the students to develop the skills to mentor and coach church members for spiritual growth and leadership.Coaching with other related words

Central is partnering with Pinnacle Leadership Associates (, with over 20 years’ experience in coaching and church consulting, to provide highly trained, experienced coaches with ministry proficiency for our students.

In addition to coaching at the doctoral level, Central has introduced a mentor-coaching program for create Master of Divinity students.  Mentor-coaches both help these students to discover and pursue personal vision and goals, as well as pass on practical knowledge from their own ministry experiences.  They also help the students reflect on what they are learning in classes and how that applies to their vision of ministry.

A Central DMin student wrote this advice for incoming students:  “Remember why you are here. You are not expected to write the next great theological treatise or publish the next Christian bestseller before completing the program. The program is preparing you to be the best you can be in your ministry context.”  Central is bringing coaching to our students to achieve this goal for the church and the world.

Ashton Wells“My mentor, Michael McEntyre, is an Associate Pastor at First Baptist Church in Columbia, MO, which happens to be the church I grew up in.  He has been a huge asset and has offered me invaluable advice during a major period of transition in my life.  Due to his experience in ministry, Michael is able to challenge my perspective and push me to look at difficult situations in new ways.  He asks questions that I never would have thought of and provides insight that has influenced my ministry in exciting and positive ways.  I am so thankful for my mentor and for the mentorship that Central Baptist Theological Seminary has fostered between us.  Having another person to support me and my ministry is encouraging and will be beneficial for years to come.” —Ashton Wells, create MDiv student


My Experience:

Carolyn Dugan

I started with Central Baptist Theological Seminary in 2010 as a student in the MDiv program. I wasn’t sure then and I am still not sure now what God has planned for me. I have been transitioning from a career in science to a calling in ministry and the experiences, classes and personal relationships I have been a part of with CBTS have helped me in my Camping Ministry with ABC of WI as well as my work in my church as CE Director. I also commute an hour and a half one way to classes each weekend and I have been the recipient of some wonderful hospitality from fellow students. We truly are a community. I am excited to see what is in store and I know I have a great support team!