Word from the President

Welcome to Central!

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Molly T. Marshall, Ph.D., President and Professor of Theology and Spiritual Formation

As diverse cultures around the world embrace Christianity at an accelerated rate, a new and evolving global Christian conversation is emerging fueled by widespread adoption of digital communication.

The identity of community, as well as the definition and role of ministry itself, is expanding, generating increasingly more dynamic interpretations, opinions, and responsible dialogue.

At Central, we equip women and men with a new, empowering vision of ministry and vocation – either for traditional clergy or as an extension of one’s own chosen career path — so that they can become transformative agents in the emerging global Christian community.

We give our students a deep and evolving source of learning, understanding, and insight so they can develop their own distinctive voices in a vital and creative community of progressive values.

And, most importantly, we form the heart, guide the mind, and inspire the spirit so that they are empowered to craft the future with God.

We pray that if you are seeking ways to craft your own unique ministry and find your voice in the new Christian dialogue, please reach out to us and consider becoming a part of our growing global student community.

Faithfully yours,

Molly T. Marshall, Ph.D.