While Central has a long history in the Kansas City area, being founded here in 1901, Central is no longer simply a Midwestern school.  We have a Doctor of Ministry program in collaboration with the Myanmar Institute of Theology in Myanmar (Burma).  In addition to Shawnee, Ks, we have teaching sites in Wisconsin, Tennessee, and Michigan.  We also teach classes in Seattle; LA; Dallas; St. Paul; Utica, NY; New Bern, NC; and online.

In this section of the website you can access information more specific to each of our three teaching sites.

Each site is part of Central but also unique in various ways.  They are most unique in the additional faculty that they provide to Central.  These locations allow community to form where students are more closely immersed in ministry.  They also provide for programs with greater diversity of cultural realities.

Recently retired Executive Minister of ABC Wisconsin Rev. Dr. Arlo Reichter reflected on Central’s site in Wisconsin:

I shared the vision of accredited theological education in Wisconsin with Dr. Timothy Ashley, a college classmate of mine at Sioux Falls College, and he visited with then Dean of Central Baptist Theological Seminary, Molly T. Marshall, at our region annual meeting where she was a featured speaker.  Now, nine academic years later, we have served nearly 100 students from ten denominations.”