Curriculum Innovation

An Innovative Curriculum in Step with the Evolution of Global Christian Community Identity

As the identity of the global Christian community expands, interpretations, opinions and responsible dialogue are becoming increasingly more dynamic and complex.

At the same time the mastery of theological and academic “essentials” alone is no longer enough for faith-based individuals with a passion to bring their creative approaches to their own ministries, communities, or occupations to be successful. They must also possess the ability to empower one’s own individual gifts and life experiences to manage “real world” situations and opportunities successfully.

As a new generation seminary and community for theological studies, Central prepares students to meet the evolving challenges of a new, emerging Christian identity with innovative programming of progressive study and dynamic, ecumenical dialogue. The result is successful graduates who live more meaning-full and dynamic lives through prayer and work of compassionate and empathetic action.

Our innovative Master of Divinity degree program, for instance, is designed specifically not only to bring out the unique leadership, entrepreneurial and motivational qualities of each graduate, but also to empower the individual with a more profound and culturally relevant compass to craft the future as God’s true partner in service.

The benefits?